Lost Pets

All stray pets in Scott County, IA are required to be brought to our shelter.

**Until further notice, all fees related to lost pets are being waived**

If you are missing a pet, please visit us at the shelter.  We have hundreds of stray animals on any given day, and cannot guarantee accurate ID over the phone. Simply tell the front desk staff you are searching for your pet, and we can assist you the rest of the way. 

DO NOT give up your search.  We have seen pets reunited with their owners months after losing them.  


  • Share on Facebook groups such as Quad City Lost and Found Pets, QCA Lost and Found Pets and QC Lost and Found pets. Community members searching can be a huge help.  We are all here to help you reunite with your pet. 
  • Contact all shelters within a 100 mile radius.  Visit the shelter daily to check for your pet.  
  • If you believe your pet was stolen, contact local police. 
  • Walk or drive through your neigborhood.  Talk to letter carriers and delivery people. 
  • Post flyers in high traffic areas. Be sure to include the location your pet was last seen as we all as accurate contact information.