Why Adopt?

Adoption Benefits

There are countless reasons to adopt a pet from your local shelter. 


  • You save money.  Our adoption fees are designed to make pet adoption accessible to everyone who can offer a loving and responsible home for a pet in need.  All pets are fully vetted and spayed/neutered prior to adoption, including a microchip in the new owner's name.
  • You aren't supporting puppy mills or irresponsible breeders.  Shelters get purebred pets through their doors, too. 
  • Pets are behavior assessed by staff with decades of experience to make for a more comfortable fit into your family.
  • Shelter pets improve your life just as much as you improve theirs.  Studies show that people who own pets experience many different health benefits.
  • Our services don't stop when the pet is adopted.  We are here as your resource throughout your pets life. We welcome phone calls, questions, updates and more as you and your pet grow together. 

Bringing a new pet into your life is a big decision, and one we exist to assist you with. When you adopt, not only are you changing the life of the pet you bring home, you are changing the life of the pet that replaces him or her on the adoption floor. Our pets come from a variety of backgrounds and situations, but they all want one thing- A loving and responsible home. 

We operate adoptions based on a first come, first serve basis.  We do not take more holds (never more than 2) on a pet than we can honor in good faith. We are straight-forward with everyone interested in our pets, and work with you to find what you are looking for. We will not pressure anyone into an adoption, and offer a generous 'hold' service to help you make an informed decision on your new family member.  


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