Adopt-a-Kennel Program

Our Adopt-a-Kennel program is designed for donors who want to make a monthly impact on a family budget.  The program consists of a $20 per month donation, which can be automatically deducted if you prefer.  The amount per month can be adjusted to meet your needs, and be put on hold or cancelled at any time. This program is designed to support basic needs for one kennel for one month-no matter which pet lives in it.  Many times, 4-5 pets will live in one adoption kennel each month. 

As an Adopt-a-Kennel supporter, a sign will be created on the kennel with text of your choice.  This is a great way to honor a pet, memorialize a family member who loved animals, give a birthday or wedding gift to someone, as a great advertising opportunity for businesses and much more!

Adopt-a-Kennel can be customized to meet your preferences.  You can participate by filling out the form below or contacting Ryan Wille at 563.388.6666 or


Adopt-a-Kennel Form

AdoptAKennel (pdf)


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