Trap, Neuter, Return in Scott County

What is TNR?

TNR means Trap-Neuter-Return, which means altering, vaccinating, ear-tipping, and returning healthy community cats to the areas where they've already been living and thriving - therefore preventing more generations or other species from moving in.  This is a safe, humane and effective way to allow the current cats to live healthy lives while reducing the feral cat population in our area. 

TNR ends reproduction, stabilizes colony populations and improves cats’ lives. Studies show that when cats no longer feel the need to exhibit behaviors associated with mating, they live longer and healthier lives. 

This is a service that we provide to residents of Scott County, and welcome anyone interested in learning more to call the shelter at 563.388.6655. This service is not funded by the cities we serve, and any donations towards our efforts to reduce the feral cat population are greatly appreciated.

"This research confirms that high-intensity TNR is the most effective, humane way to stabilize a population of community cats and, over time, reduce them.”

Margaret Slater, DVM, PhD, ASPCA Senior Director of Research 



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